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Ultimate Twitter Image Size Guide

Uploading high-quality images in the proper format is one of the main aspects of social network development. If the image size is improper, the content will be misaligned and cropped. In addition, if the size is not optimized, the target platform may reject carefully edited images. Twitter image size may be challenging for people sometimes.

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You should always stick to image measurements. The optimal size for a Twitter profile picture is 400x400px and vice versa. Twitter has updated the recommended image size. If you’re too late for the latest Twitter updates, it’s time to catch up. This guide uses the updated information to explain the most important image sizes on Twitter.

General RecommendationTwitter is one of the most viral tools for real-time communication. Connecting with friends, family, followers and new audiences is a great online world. Twitter acts as a place for high-impact original content, trends, conversations, and movements.

It’s important to consider the size of your Twitter image, as images smaller than the recommended size will be “stretched” and blurred. Large images are programmatically compressed and may be of poor quality compared to the original image.

Therefore, if the image deviates from the recommended size, it may be cropped in the wrong place. So how big should a Twitter image be? Does Twitter reduce image quality? How to stop Twitter image compression?

And finally, what is the optimal image size for this network? First, you can upload the image to Twitter in JPEG, PNG, or GIF format. At the same time, animated GIFs are not supported on profile pictures or covers.

Before talking about the ideal size of an image, please understand some recommendations you need to follow to get the perfect image post on Twitter.

• Do not use third-party websites that are intended to show how your images will look on different devices. They hardly work. Test images on as many devices as possible, including desktops, tablets, and other mobile devices

• Use your personal account to review the image of your tweet before posting to your public account. Extra effort can save you a lot of worries

• If you don’t have enough time, optimize your images for your mobile device. People usually access social apps via mobile devices and rarely click to view full-size images.

• Twitter can shrink the image to fit the stream. Focus on meaningful content and avoid clipping

• You can tweet up to 4 images per message. The two images are displayed side by side with a 7: 8 aspect ratio. If you post three images in a tweet, one will be larger (7: 8 ratio) and the other two will be 4: 7. Four images are arranged in a 2X2 grid. The aspect ratio of each image is 2: 1.
Image size for profiles, covers, banners, tweets and twitter cards

Profile Image Size

It is recommended that the Twitter link select 400x400px image size for the profile image. Do not place required elements and text in the corner as Twitter circulates the image while loading. Remember-All important things are placed in the middle. If you need more procedures to customize the profile, read Twitter tips to build Profile.

Photo by Solen Feyissa from Pexels


The recommended cover size for Twitter is 1500 x 500px. Covers are not cropped in mobile browsers and apps. However, considering that the profile picture covers the lower left part of the cover, it helps to rearrange the placement of important elements.

Banner Image Size

The banner also has certain recommended image sizes, such as a profile picture. You can get the perfect title by having Twitter crop the image, but it’s still useful to know the size of the Twitter banner. Twitter recommends a banner size of 1500 x 500px. It’s bigger than your profile picture, so make sure your picture is big enough to fit in this space without compromising quality.


The ideal image size for a tweet is 1024 x 512px. Vertical images are cropped in the feed, but click to open them in full size.

Twitter Card

With Twitter cards, you can use compelling images and videos to drive conversions, create engagements, and start conversations with your followers. The optimal image size for your Twitter card is 800×418 pixels, with a ratio of 1.91: 1. For app cards, you can select 800×800 pixels in a 1: 1 ratio.


Improper placement of images can reduce the visual impact of the show on Twitter. Following the above guidelines, the image will be optimized for the platform and will make a good impression on the viewer.

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