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Is It Good to Charge Your Phone All Night?

People generally charge their mobile phones overnight. In this article, we covered whether you should charge the phone all night or not.

Smartphones have come a long way for years, but they still basically last for about a day on a charge. That is, most of us charge our phones all night while we sleep. Is this good for batteries? 

Contrary to what you might think, battery technology has actually improved considerably. The problem is that phones can do a lot of things. That means more power is needed. The end result is bigger, better batteries that still need to be charged daily.

Information Develops

There is a lot of disinformation on the internet regarding this topic. You may have heard that you shouldn’t charge your phone all night. You may have heard that it’s perfectly okay. 

A part of this confusion is due to advances in battery technology. What was once true is no longer true. It’s a natural part of learning more about how things work. So what’s going on now? Let’s dive into it.

Understanding Charging

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

The instructions of this story are similar to extraordinary topics that revolve around the “proper” use of gadgets. In most cases, the device is designed to deal with something you are involved in. For example, you do now no longer need to close the app on Android. It is designed to perform multitasking.

Your smartphone has protection to keep your battery and other components safe. One of the things that can harm your phone is overheating. This is where many concerns about nighttime charging relate.

Most phones charge as soon as you plug them in for the first time or put them in a wireless charger. So if you need additional juice right away, you don’t have to wait long. However, after a while, the charging process slows down and stops completely when it reaches 100%.

Charging stops at 100%, which naturally slows down the battery drain. When it returns to 99%, it swallows a very small amount of current and returns to 100%. This cycle repeats until you unplug it. Your phone will never be overcharged, but it will almost always be charged.

You may also have heard that it is high-quality to charge the battery among 20-80%. Apple and a few Android makers have added extra capabilities to maintain your smartphone inside this variety as a great deal as possible.

Starting with iOS 13 in 2019, iPhone has an “optimized battery charge” feature. If you enable this option, your phone will stay at about 80% all night. The algorithm usually learns when to wake up and charges the device for the rest of the time before that. You still start the day at 100%, but it didn’t circulate between 100 and 99% all night.

Some Android gadgets have essentially equal functionality. OnePlus calls it “Optimized Charging”. Google Pixel smartphones have an “Adaptive Charging” feature. Samsung Galaxy gadgets can cross one step similarly and restrict the battery to 85% at any time.  

If you need to price your smartphone overnight, we endorse that you permit those functions when you have them. Charging at night time may be a bit troublesome.

Charge the Phone All Night Without Giving Harm to the Phone

There are a few subjects you could do to charge your smartphone all night and mitigate some of the drawbacks. First of all, be sure your device has a space to breathe. Overheating is a big problem, so don’t cover your phone with anything.

Another great thing you can do is choose the right charging gear. It is very important to use the charger that came with your device and the charger that was specifically designed for your device. In addition, you can consider avoiding “quick charging” at bedtime. Being 100% slow means spending less time on that 99-100% cycle.

That said, you have to agree with the fact that the battery can’t last forever. If you use your mobile phone, the battery will deteriorate. There is no way around it. There are some tips you can use to slow down this degradation, but most of us don’t have any other suitable time to charge the phone. Charging the phone all night is now a part of your life.

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